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Provide Quality Emergency Care Training and Defibrillator Solutions to all our customers

MEDIC FIRST is a leading provider of corporate CPR, AED, and First Aid training programs, with a special focus on standardized, convenient workplace training that's easy to learn.

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Whether you are taking a class for a job requirement or you just want to learn life saving skills we will provide quality training that will build your confidence, knowledge and skills. We are confident you will enjoy and have a great learning experience.

We understand the importance of Safety Training; our clients are Healthcare Professionals, Childcare providers, School Bus Drivers, Teachers, Security Guards, Construction Workers and many more with occupational responsibilities.

70% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens in the workplace, public or at home.

It really pays off to be prepared. That is why we make sure everyone leaves our class feeling confident and able to perform for a real medical emergency. We are passionate and dedicated trainers. Life is why!

We are here to help you get the right training and motivate your employee’s in learning lifesaving skills that will improve confidence to step up in an emergency, making a difference in someone’s life.


Nick Guzman

Increase chances of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Injuries in the workplace and in Public Places

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Our Values

Nick Guzman, Training Center Director

7 years with Medic First

​I simply love what we do. Training our communities to save lives is my passion. Life is why!

Easy for your Business​​

Hiring dependable Instructors can be exhausting. You want Instructors that are Knowledgeable and are able to engage your people. Simply talk to us, we can help.


Easy Solutions​​

Every business has different safety needs and sometimes its not easy deciding which AED Program or emergency training is right for your industry.

We are here to help!

Our Programs are flexible and can be Tailored to your needs, We will provide outstanding customer support every step of the way.

We are sure you will be satisfied with results!

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Provide Emergency Care Training in our communities to Save Lives

Our Goal

To provide the best AED Programs and Lifesaving Training that is easy to Learn, improving confidence in our students to step up in an emergency 

Our Mission

Our Training is tailored according to your needs